All persons who register as an 'investor' on this website should read carefully the following warnings before making any investment.

It is important that you understand the risks of investing in property, and how these risks may impact you should you participate in opportunities listed on the Prospi platform. You should speak to a professional investment adviser if you feel you need advice regarding the suitability and risks of subscribing for equity in any property marketed by Prospi, however, some of the key risks are as follows:

1. Loss of capital

The value of any equity shares that you own in properties listed on the Prospi platform can go down as well as up, and you may not get back what you invest. Please read the risk warnings in the offer documents associated with each property in which you are considering investing.

2. Investment performance

The forecasted returns for each property listed on the Prospi website are estimates only. Actual rental income received when properties are re-tenanted may be lower than current rental levels, void periods being longer than expected, and there may be unforeseen or higher- than-estimated costs. Past performance does not provide an accurate guide to future performance. You should ensure that you understand the effects of charges and taxation on any investment return that you will receive.

3. Liquidity

The equity shares you may hold in properties listed on Prospi's website are unquoted and therefore you are less likely to be able to find a buyer for them than with quoted investments listed on a stock exchange and so you may therefore be unable to sell any of your holdings within a time frame you envisage. You may however sell your shares at any time, to a person of your own chosing through the website. There is an administrative fee associated with the sale or transfer of any shares.

4. Taxation

Propsi cannot give tax advice and the illustrations on Prospi's website do not factor in any tax which may be payable on the amounts you receive. You are responsible for paying any personal tax due on dividend income or capital gains arising from equity shares.

5. Diversification

Investments in properties listed on Prospi's website should form part of a broader, diversified portfolio of assets, and should not constitute a significant proportion of your available wealth. In addition, any capital you place through Prospi should ideally be spread across a wide number of properties.

6. Limited control over decisions

You will not hold voting rights in respect of your shares which will be held by Prospi Nominees Limited. You will not have rights to participate in decisions to appoint estate agents and contractors or to sell assets, although the directors are required to consider the interests of shareholders with any decision taken.

7. Financial Services Compensation Scheme

You will have no right to claim under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme operated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the event of any loss of capital or poor investment performance relating to any shares subscribed for through Prospi's website. You should ensure that you do not invest capital that you cannot afford to lose.