Earn income

All the properties featured on the PROSPI platform are fully tenanted, which means your investment will start to generate income straight away.

Dividends will be paid each calendar quarter into your e wallet. Alternatively, you can opt to reinvest them to increase the value of your portfolio.

Estimates of future dividends, which cannot be guaranteed, will also be provided.

Share capital growth

Each property is expected to be marketed for sale after a medium term period (typically 5 years).

A formal valuation will be done both at the time of purchase and prior to any property sale to make sure a fair market value is achieved.

Net proceeds from the sale will be returned to investors in the SPV by way of a final distribution. The whole process will be managed by PROSPI on your behalf.

Regular updates

You will be able to monitor the value of your portfolio by looking at your investment dashboard.

You will be provided with a 5 year forecast valuation which will be regularly updated using projections based on recognised and up-to-date market indicators. Future valuations cannot be guaranteed.

Your capital is at risk and returns are not guaranteed.

Gross rent and dividends may be lower than estimated.

Step-by-step guide


Register on the PROSPI website


Complete an investor questionnaire and personal declaration


Select the property of your choice


Pay for your investment


You may be prompted by email to provide extra information for background checks required of us by the FCA


You will be notified when these checks have passed, and when funds have cleared


When you receive an email saying your investment is complete, your e-wallet will be ready to receive dividend payments on a quarterly basis


You will then have the ability to view your legal pack and formal investment documents, together with the account history, funds available and the total amount invested

Transparent fees

PROSPI does not charge any initial or fund raising fees so all your money is directly invested into buying your chosen property


The normal external charges associated with the property being acquired (e.g. surveyor, stamp duty, legal and valuation) will be borne by the SPV. There are no hidden fees.  

PROSPI will take a 15% share of any capital appreciation, but only on the sale of the property, so it too, has a real stake in successfully managing the investment for capital gain.

Management and other charges

McCafferty Asset Management will receive an annual fee of 10% + VAT of gross annual rental income for managing the property plus letting fees (generally one month’s rent), payable by the SPV.  

The professional costs associated with the filing of accounts and corporate tax returns with the relevant authorities will be met by the SPV.

Tax implications

Consult our knowledgebase for information on tax.

Joining PROSPI is simple, fast and completely free


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