Who we are

PROSPI is a joint venture between McCafferty Asset Management and The Pervaiz Naviede Family Trust.

McCafferty Asset Management is an independent asset manager specialising in property management. It manages a property portfolio valued at over £1.2 billion for private and institutional investors in the UK, Germany and Switzerland. McCafferty has offices in Manchester (HQ), Munich and Zurich.

The Pervaiz Naviede Family Trust is a global investment vehicle whose projects provide long term benefits to the community. The trust holds property assets in the UK and UAE valued at £200m.

Our core team

Charles Whittle

Charles Whittle has over 30 years’ practical and strategic experience in the property sector acquiring, managing and selling real estate in the UK and overseas. As McCafferty’s CEO, he is responsible for coordinating the property and financial reporting and decisions/recommendations from a management perspective to the investors.

Simon Ashdown

Simon Ashdown is MD of LPC Living, the property development arm of the Pervaiz Naviede Family Trust. In his 20 years working in the property sector he has overseen the development of over 7,500 new homes for sale, rent and investment. He also advises the Family Trust on its acquisition and investments within the UK.

David Smith

David Smith is a Chartered Accountant and a highly experienced Finance Director with over 20 years' working in senior roles. Having worked in the property industry for the last 12 years, he has extensive experience across all the financial aspects of property portfolios.

In PROSPI, David is responsible for financial planning, financial accounting, financial reporting, and the management of financial risks.

Kenny Whittle

Kenny Whittle manages a number of UK properties dealing with aspects ranging from lease renewals through to periodic site inspections. Kenny also aids in the acquisition and sale of assets.

Within PROSPI, Kenny handles the fundraising process and ownership formalities for each property, co-ordinates with the property management team during the ownership period and advises on the disposal process after the hold period.

Professional appointments

Supported by established and experienced key partners


Savills plc, headquartered in London, is a global real estate services provider with an international network of 700 offices.


Gateley Plc has significant client bases in Scotland and England. It recently became the UK’s first commercial law firm to be listed on AIM.

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